Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

Santana Row today ! WoOoOOo lol still not 21 yet so I haven't been able to go to the damn bars here :( but my friend invited me to eat lunch with her and some of her friends :) wooo.

Tesla Roadster! While I was waiting for her to come I decided to test drive one of these babies. FuCK they are fast. I drove one before when my chemistry teacher let me but hers was an older model. This car is amazing I need to finish school get a job and buy one of these already -_-.

We ate at Rosie's Bar & Grill the Irish Pub which I've never been into because there are usually bouncers and you have to be 21 to get in. We watched the world cup and ordered crab cake benedicts which was delicious. I also ordered a side of garlic fries and my friend ordered some irish nachos which were awesome but I was soo full. 

Too bad for the USA we almost had it :( Japan won the Fifa womens world cup but hey whatever I just found out that our womens soccer team is actually good! Hahaha

This is probably the coolest beer I've seen even though its just guinness on the top and blue moon on the bottom... didn't taste so bad either :) Thanks Nathalie for the food and beer :D.

Sigh onto my weekend chores and homework now :(.... 


  1. sounds like you had a lot of fun, but you might wanna tone it down a little if you know you've got stuff to do the next day

  2. I want a Tesla too! And that beer does look pretty tasty... might have to try that.