Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This new joint opened up in the Santana Row area maybe a few months ago called Yardhouse. Apparently they have like 200 different brews of beers for everyone and its like this fancy ass place LOL.
The food is pretty good but damn everything is so fucking expensive :(

The occasion? My friend had just graduated from college ! (YAY GO LES!! :D) So we went. I didnt have enough money to buy much but an appetizer but it was ok :)

Strawberry Beer Float. Delicious

Firecracker Ribs Appetizer. Pretty nomz

Pastrami Sliders with Truffle garlic Fries. FRIES ARE DELICIOUS

I forgot wtf this was my friend ordered. It was ok. I liked my appetizers better

All in all, the place is really cool minus the fact that its sooo packed all the time. I have a few friends who work there too so hopefully next time I can get quick seating :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hit and Run

I have faith in humanity !!

After class I found this note and was approached by a lady who saw my car get hit & RUN in the parking lot ! :( But she also told me where the car that hit me was and I was able to call the police on campus and get it settled! The fcker had to get out of class and give his info to the police. He tried to lie his way out of saying that he didnt know that he hit me! What a joke.

Guy got written up while I sat in my car hiding my smirk of victory. Thank god finals are over I can finally start updating things with food reviews and stuff :). I hope I get a nice check out of this since I need the money haha. Goodluck to me !

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ugh I've been browsing everyone's blogs but haven't been posting lately. Today I hiked up Mission Peak again - got to the same place I did last time but my friend was about to pass out so we had to go back :(

This week is my finals week so last week was pretty hectic. But I did manage to capture some pics from this place I went to yesterday called Yardhouse! I'll be updating later, for now PZZ out

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mission Peak ,Fremont Ca

So last weekend in the afternoon, some friends and I decided to take on the challenge of Mission Peak ! A hiking trail in california that has gained some notorious popularity in the past few years.

I would like to mention that I am very out of shape and trying to get back into it btw. It was one hell of a climb. My legs hurt so bad for the two following days haha.... We started at the bottom here:

Its a 3 mile hike uphill at grades 19 and 27? I dont know I think I should wikipedia it to make sure but holy damn after an hour of hiking up my legs had almost given out and I didn't want to push any higher.

Made it this high at around 8pm PST. On the way back down we saw this blonde chick who almost walked into a snake! My friend was like "Hey you need help? ;)" Soo funnyy

We are gonna be hiking this every weekend now ! Fun funFUn

Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America

I will have to say, WOW what a mediocre movie. I was sadly disappointed at how entertaining this movie was, although I was very high and giggling at every little german accent.

The over-played action CGI scenes were a bit too much to watch and some of the lines were just way too corny to handle. However, the after-credits made up for all of it. Oh, my, god it was so epic.

If you havent seen Captain America don't worry its not all that great just stay for the after credits!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saltine Challenge ! ! !

So today, I went to my friends house after class to try something ridiculously stupid! I was talking with a few friends and they said it would be impossible to eat 10 saltine crackers in 2 minutes. My response was haha thats dumb I used to snack on saltine crackers all the time... Well holy crap

I couldnt do it.

I couldnt do 6 in 1 minute

:( It was ridiculous

Heres a picture of our what was 5th attempt at it... We kept timing ourselves. My best was 1min10seconds

Gonna try this shit again tomorrow. FML my mouth is like iron dry its horrid HAHAHA

Maybe I should get high... I do have this nice portable vape hehe

<3 my MFLB. Most epic in class smoking device in the world. Maybe I should do a write-up on it.

Anyways its 12:30am and I'm getting tired. Got a test tomorrow and avoided studying for it the whole day. Thats going to bite me in the ass so hard. pz

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

Santana Row today ! WoOoOOo lol still not 21 yet so I haven't been able to go to the damn bars here :( but my friend invited me to eat lunch with her and some of her friends :) wooo.

Tesla Roadster! While I was waiting for her to come I decided to test drive one of these babies. FuCK they are fast. I drove one before when my chemistry teacher let me but hers was an older model. This car is amazing I need to finish school get a job and buy one of these already -_-.

We ate at Rosie's Bar & Grill the Irish Pub which I've never been into because there are usually bouncers and you have to be 21 to get in. We watched the world cup and ordered crab cake benedicts which was delicious. I also ordered a side of garlic fries and my friend ordered some irish nachos which were awesome but I was soo full. 

Too bad for the USA we almost had it :( Japan won the Fifa womens world cup but hey whatever I just found out that our womens soccer team is actually good! Hahaha

This is probably the coolest beer I've seen even though its just guinness on the top and blue moon on the bottom... didn't taste so bad either :) Thanks Nathalie for the food and beer :D.

Sigh onto my weekend chores and homework now :(....