Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mission Peak ,Fremont Ca

So last weekend in the afternoon, some friends and I decided to take on the challenge of Mission Peak ! A hiking trail in california that has gained some notorious popularity in the past few years.

I would like to mention that I am very out of shape and trying to get back into it btw. It was one hell of a climb. My legs hurt so bad for the two following days haha.... We started at the bottom here:

Its a 3 mile hike uphill at grades 19 and 27? I dont know I think I should wikipedia it to make sure but holy damn after an hour of hiking up my legs had almost given out and I didn't want to push any higher.

Made it this high at around 8pm PST. On the way back down we saw this blonde chick who almost walked into a snake! My friend was like "Hey you need help? ;)" Soo funnyy

We are gonna be hiking this every weekend now ! Fun funFUn


  1. Looks like a nice place. I do not think I can hike 3 miles uphill. xD

  2. Thats a beautiful view. Ohh and F snakes, im scared shitless of them hahahah

  3. Wow, nice views on those pics.

  4. Keep up the hiking regularly and those hills will be no problem! We hike the Appalachian Trail here on the East Coast.

  5. Oh wow, absolutely beautiful. Great post man, thanks.