Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saltine Challenge ! ! !

So today, I went to my friends house after class to try something ridiculously stupid! I was talking with a few friends and they said it would be impossible to eat 10 saltine crackers in 2 minutes. My response was haha thats dumb I used to snack on saltine crackers all the time... Well holy crap

I couldnt do it.

I couldnt do 6 in 1 minute

:( It was ridiculous

Heres a picture of our what was 5th attempt at it... We kept timing ourselves. My best was 1min10seconds

Gonna try this shit again tomorrow. FML my mouth is like iron dry its horrid HAHAHA

Maybe I should get high... I do have this nice portable vape hehe

<3 my MFLB. Most epic in class smoking device in the world. Maybe I should do a write-up on it.

Anyways its 12:30am and I'm getting tired. Got a test tomorrow and avoided studying for it the whole day. Thats going to bite me in the ass so hard. pz


  1. i'm gonna go to the shop and try to eat 10 in one minute. i believe that you don;t have right technique xP

  2. I can eat 20 of them.
    Are you jealous? ;)

  3. ^IN HOW LONG?!?!?! VIDEO PL0X

  4. In 1 min. First I have to smoke lots of weed.
    Have no video now, maybe later.

  5. I am going to smoke a bunch of weed and try it

  6. Crackers are like the most dangerous food ever! So many people think "oh no problem" and end up choking on them!! Hilarious!

  7. do the Tosh.0 challenge. smoke up, do the cinnamon challenge, the saltine challenge and try to break as many coconuts as you can in one minute. record and post the video and you will be Legend.

  8. theres a restaurant near me here that has a giant donut challenge. if you can eat this donut that weighs about a kilogram in a minute and a half it is free! i nearly choked to death trying and lost $4. totally not worth it.

  9. shit i love those saltine crackers, i could've eaten 10 of those

  10. Next... try the cinnamon challenge... Then the 1 Gallon Milk Challenge!