Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This new joint opened up in the Santana Row area maybe a few months ago called Yardhouse. Apparently they have like 200 different brews of beers for everyone and its like this fancy ass place LOL.
The food is pretty good but damn everything is so fucking expensive :(

The occasion? My friend had just graduated from college ! (YAY GO LES!! :D) So we went. I didnt have enough money to buy much but an appetizer but it was ok :)

Strawberry Beer Float. Delicious

Firecracker Ribs Appetizer. Pretty nomz

Pastrami Sliders with Truffle garlic Fries. FRIES ARE DELICIOUS

I forgot wtf this was my friend ordered. It was ok. I liked my appetizers better

All in all, the place is really cool minus the fact that its sooo packed all the time. I have a few friends who work there too so hopefully next time I can get quick seating :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hit and Run

I have faith in humanity !!

After class I found this note and was approached by a lady who saw my car get hit & RUN in the parking lot ! :( But she also told me where the car that hit me was and I was able to call the police on campus and get it settled! The fcker had to get out of class and give his info to the police. He tried to lie his way out of saying that he didnt know that he hit me! What a joke.

Guy got written up while I sat in my car hiding my smirk of victory. Thank god finals are over I can finally start updating things with food reviews and stuff :). I hope I get a nice check out of this since I need the money haha. Goodluck to me !