Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I've been invited to use this new music streaming thing called Spotify! It's pretty interesting so far since I can just look up a bunch of music, add it to my playlist, and then just listen to it without having to download or buy it. Kind of like Pandora Radio but without the random song selection.

I've listened to Britney Spear's new album Femme Fatale and added some Tyler the Creator to my playlists so far. They even have this option to sign into facebook and see if any of your friends are on Spotify! You can edit and share playlists with each other, its pretty nifty. I'm still on the free subscription however so there are the occasional ads and I can't play music off my iPhone but so far this is nice :)

How to sign up to spotify without an invite?

1. Use a UK proxy such as Daveproxy to sign up.
2. Go to the US website and click the "upgrade" button
3. Sign into your account and change the country to the USA

This will get you a 20/hr a day listening plan to use until you get a real invite from Spotify! Have fun.


  1. Spotify is definetly worth it, i just heard about it from Notch, the minecraft guy, and i love it

  2. looks lot like groveshark, i might try it

  3. Thanks for that, i heard about Spotify! but chance for an invite were dramatically low, now i can use it! :)

  4. +followed
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