Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter 7

So I just got back from watching the last Harry Potter movie :O Oh my its hard to swallow that the whole thing is over. I never read the books but I've grown to really enjoy the movie series and the actors as they grew up. Its kind of sad that its all over but in a way I'm glad to have experienced it during this time of my life haha.

With that all said and done I think the movie has SO MANY SCENES YOU CAN MAKE MEMES OUT OF OMFGG.

Voldemorts awkward laugh towards the end is HILARIOUS and the face he makes HAHAHA I was mocking that shit with my friend janet for awhile we were just like HNNNnNNGNGNGGGGGGG LOLOLOL.

I love getting followers, does anyone know how I can check my follower's blogs? It seems to be complicated -_- if I click on their picture in my followers thing it brings me to their not profile page..sigh
Anywhoo, what did you guys think of the movie?

PS. I am running iOS5 and will post about that later :)


  1. I have read the books and watched the movies up to movie 4 I think. I'm not a big fan. In fact, I think only the 1st book is worth reading, to be honest.

  2. I cant wait to go see this movie

  3. I cant wait to see it either.

  4. i was reading HP books from first year they started to showing up. first 3 or 4 books was great. but when they published part 5 it starts to look like just something different. i didn't like it so much and was reading it only to know how it will end. that's the main reason why i never wanted to watch HP movies but my gf insist to watch all parts on dvd. now, even i don't want to watch this new movie just to not break the memories of books i think i'm gonna watch it :/

  5. Ill prob get dragged to see it soon :/

  6. HP reminds me of Happy Days. bunch of 40 year olds in high school. guess i'm dating myself.
    blog on dude, good work.

  7. I wouldn't waste money to go see these movies, they've never been any good =/